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A warm welcome to Mercedes-Benz Customer Service. With your new Mercedes comes the luxury of first-class service to go with it. You can rely on the experience of our team of specially trained experts, here to help so that you can enjoy your vehicle to the full, today and in the future. Keeping it inspected and maintained by professionals is the best way of ensuring that your vehicle will continue to give you pleasure for a long time to come.

Good service also includes knowing who you are talking to. Hence, we would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to our service advisors who are going to be looking after you and your Mercedes. If you have any questions regarding the service and maintenance of your vehicle, please contact your service advisor.

How to contact us:

Service Appointment: 80079777/(+968) 24659360
24 Hours Technical Assistance: (+968) 99351115
MOBILO Roadside Assistance: (+968) 24605555

Anoop Mathew
Certified Service Advisor

Direct: (+968) 24659274
Mobile: (+968) 92981591

Karan Singh
Certified Service Advisor

Direct: (+968) 24659255
Mobile: (+968) 91398669

Karthik Karunakaran
Certified Service Advisor

Direct: (+968) 24659344
Mobile: (+968) 92831041

V.G. Mohan
Certified Service Advisor

Direct: (+968) 24659243
Mobile: (+968) 99375873

Stanli Adam
Certified Service Advisor

Direct: (+968) 24659273
Mobile: (+968) 99858459

Waleed Jabri
Service Advisor

Direct: (+968) 24659200
Mobile: (+968) 92981491